Why do people commit suicide?

Suicide denies oneself but why do people commit suicide?

The baby, who comes in the world today, may die just after birth; on the other hand, it may live in the world for long and contribute many things as well. None can say how long a person may survive in this beautiful world.

It is better to enjoy the life, even though for a moment. I suffer a lot when I get news of suicide. Why people commit suicide has not a good explanation, it is not known why people commit suicide and the reasons we find on self-killing are not entirely true, I believe. People believe in death but they do not desire to die in no time. We, human beings, desire to live for a long time. How can a person with thousands of dreams commit a terrible crime like this? Women and girls commit suicide chiefly because of rape and domestic violence, failure in lovemaking also a reason. Some others reasons for committing suicide are financial crisis and bankruptcy, troubles with relationships, depression, etc.; some life-oriented Internet-based games namedThe Blue Whale Challenge, The Pass Out Challenge, The Salt and Ice Challenge, The Fire Challenge, The Cutting Challenge, etc. have been added to this list. Different self killers have different reasons behind but the mental imbalance is major, this mental imbalance can be termed as mental immaturity.

Why did a boy commit suicide?

When I was a student of higher secondary level, a boy committed suicide, he was my neighbor. Though he was a student of class five, his chronological age was 14. He was very dingy, staying outside of the home, shirking school, and playing Marbles were his favorite. One day the boy did not go to school and played with marbles with his playmates. Mom of this dingy boy used to dislike his activities, and she beat him severely for not going to school and playing Marbles, this unkind punishment of mother made the boy huffy and he hanged himself from a mango tree in the yard!

A story of attempting suicide of a man

Personally I know some people who tried to commit suicide but failed to kill themselves. Due to failure in killing themselves, they have changed their thinking. They are leading life happily now. A guy, one who failed to commit suicide, had an ordinary job, was married, and father of a daughter. Unfortunately, he was sacked from the job and his relatives set up a grocery shop for him but only in two or three months he had to pack up due to huge losses, his dad also died by cancer in the same year. These were not only occurred but also wife left for her fathers’ house telling him‑ she would never back. Everything seemed shaky to him in that situation and took poison to leave this beautiful world, but someone of his family noticed his suicide attempt and took him to a local clinic, although it was late surely but fortunately the soul did not fly till then, doctors have saved his life successfully. He is now happy with his family by the grace of Almighty Allah. Can you imagine, if the guy passed away what would happen with people depending on him especially the little girl?

A girl committed suicide for her mother’s behaviour toward her

I am telling you another story taken from my experience. One of my relatives, she was a Madrasah going student and a pretty smart girl. Her mom used to call her often by animal names and rebuked her angrily. I noticed one day, the mom told “I don’t know why God doesn’t take you away. Get perished” One afternoon the girl hanged herself in her room, none noticed before her death. After a month of her death Dakhil examination results got published, she did well. Her mother wets her eyes until now. I can tell you a lot of incidents like these, but in this article, I would like to focus on some aspects that may help people to keep them away from self-killing.

Society is responsible for suicide

In some cases we are responsible for some of the suicides. Our carelessness, unconsciousness, or inconsiderate behaviors force them to kill themselves. In the national dailies, we find news headlines such as ‘girl commits suicide due to rape’; can the society avoid this responsibility? Researchers say, people, commit suicide out of depression and some other reasons. Anyone can suffer from depression for any reason anytime but if they see that others do not love or like them, or talk to them on insulting way, or make fun with the depressed; they feel that nobody loves them, everybody does not value them, none in this world who takes them easy, all are different, nobody takes care of them and many more are spinning in their head. They think if they get perished closers will get sorrow, they will cry, they will regret them; maybe these thinking make them happy. They want to teach a good lesson to those people through killing themselves and at last, they do this sad incident.

We can prevent such a sad incident like suicide by giving mental support; we should keep a safe distance from bad words or hate speeches and ill feelings towards others. The whole society is responsible for committing suicide because one decides to kill themselves that society has done injustices to them.

Some words to them who are planning to commit suicide

I have some words for those who are planning to commit suicide right now; it is another story of death, this death is yours. After your death some will cry with your dead body, some will regret you, and some will discuss about you and your qualities. After this session, wise people will tell- the dead body should not be kept in the house for long, and then some people take your dead body outside and wash it for burial. At the end of the day, you and your body will no more be in this beautiful world. But you cannot take the world with you; this will remain only for those who are alive.

Remember, you are a child of your parents, brother, or sister of your siblings; after some days you have to take responsibility for the family; it does not matter how much you can take it forward or not. You have your own thinking but they have different dreams of you, they love you so much as you cannot imagine. They have started to search a lot in you, they are optimistic about your potential. Please think about these, think about the world; this planet is for you, you are for all. You have something to do for the inhabitants of this planet. Though you will not remain, the world will remain for a certain period; just you are denying yourself. You have the responsibility to your family and society. Let God make decisions about yourself because Almighty must have a grand plan about you.

Dear pessimistic friends, consider adverse and unfavorable situations as challenges that make you stronger day by day but suicide destructs you totally, and suicide is not a solution. Before the final decision utter the following words: “Nobody may love me, I will love everybody; my love for others will make all love me in return.”

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