What does “Nothing will come of nothing” mean and why does King Lear tell it her daughter?

King Lear is a famous tragedy by William Shakespeare

“Nothing will come of nothing” is a famous quote from a famous tragedy titled ‘King Lear’ by William Shakespeare.

King Lear tells her daughter Cordelia, “Nothing will come of nothing.” What does King Lear mean by telling this?

What does “Nothing will come of nothing” mean?

The meaning of the quote is ‘If you make no investment, you will gain nothing’. King Lear tells his daughter Cordelia that if she does not give elaborate speeches declaring her love for him, she will not receive any favors from him.

King Lear is a tragedy by William Shakespeare
King Lear is a tragedy by William Shakespeare

The quote “Nothing will come of nothing” is spoken by King Lear at the beginning of the play after interpreting his daughter Cordelia’s lack of love. Lear uses this brief phrase to imply that Cordelia’s “nothing” will result in “nothing” from his vast kingdom. If she refuses to give him the love he believes he deserves (and that his other two daughters are giving him), he will exile her from his kingdom and ensure that she does not receive the same rewards as her sisters.

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