Song Review: God Is a Woman by Ariana Grande

"God Is a Woman" has received critical acclaim for its bold lyrics and Ariana Grande's stunning vocal performance.

“God Is a Woman” is a pop song released by American singer Ariana Grande in 2018. The track is the second single from Grande’s fourth studio album, Sweetener. The song has received worldwide critical acclaim for its bold and empowering lyrics and Grande’s stunning vocals. The song “God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande was written by a team of songwriters, including Grande herself, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Göransson, Max Martin, and Ilya Salmanzadeh.

Basic Information

Song TitleGod Is a Woman
SingerAriana Grande
LyricistsAriana Grande, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Göransson, Max Martin, and Ilya Salmanzadeh
Length4:02 (Official Music Video)
ReleasedJuly 13, 2018
Ariana Grande, American Pop Singer
Ariana Grande, American Pop Singer | Image: Facebook Page of Ariana Grande


The lyrics of “God Is a Woman” are empowering and bold, with Ariana Grande expressing her confidence and sexuality. The song’s hook features Grande singing “You, you love it how I move you / You love it how I touch you / My one, when all is said and done / You’ll believe God is a woman.” The song also touches on themes of female empowerment and breaking gender norms.


The song’s production is minimalistic, with the focus being on Grande’s powerful vocals. The track features a mix of hip-hop beats and R&B-infused synths. The use of background vocals and harmonies adds depth to the song, while the subtle use of string instrumentation provides a dreamy and ethereal feel.


“God Is a Woman” has received critical acclaim for its bold lyrics and Grande’s stunning vocal performance. The song has been praised for its message of female empowerment, with many calling it an anthem for women everywhere. The song has also been a commercial success, peaking at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and receiving a nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

Overall, “God Is a Woman” is a powerful and inspiring pop song that showcases Ariana Grande’s vocal range and songwriting abilities. The track’s message of female empowerment and breaking gender norms has resonated with listeners, making it a standout track in Grande’s discography.

Thumbnail of the Music Video of "God Is a Woman" by Ariana Grande
Thumbnail of the Music Video of “God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande

Deeper Meaning of the Song “God Is a Woman”

Female Empowerment and Breaking Gender Norms

One of the main themes of “God Is a Woman” is female empowerment and breaking gender norms. The song’s lyrics challenge traditional notions of gender and sexuality, with Grande asserting her own power and agency as a woman. The line “And I can be all the things you told me not to be” is a powerful statement of defiance against societal expectations and norms.

Sexual Liberation and Confidence

The song also touches on themes of sexual liberation and confidence. Grande sings about her sexual prowess and the pleasure that she can bring to her partner. This is a refreshing change from the traditional male-dominated narratives in pop music and allows for female sexuality to be celebrated and explored in a positive and empowering way.

Spirituality and the Divine Feminine

The song’s title and lyrics also suggest a deeper spiritual meaning, with  Ariana Grande equating herself to a divine feminine entity. The line “You’ll believe God is a woman” can be interpreted as a celebration of the divine feminine and a challenge to the traditional patriarchal notions of religion. The use of biblical imagery, such as the reference to the Garden of Eden, also adds a layer of symbolism to the song. As an audience, I do not like this philosophy of comparing a woman to God; This is the highest point of disrespecting the Almighty and only creator of the universe.

Self-Love and Confidence

Finally, the song is also a celebration of self-love and confidence. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their own power and to be unapologetic about who they are. The song’s bold and empowering message has resonated with fans, making it a powerful anthem for anyone looking to embrace their own strength and independence.

Meaning of Every Line of the Lyrics in “God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande

"You, you love it how I move you"
The opening line sets the tone for the song and establishes Ariana Grande's confidence and sexual prowess.

"You love it how I touch you, my one"
Grande is addressing a lover, emphasizing the intimacy and connection between the two.

"When all is said and done, you'll believe God is a woman"
The chorus of the song asserts the idea that women are powerful and divine, challenging traditional patriarchal notions of religion and spirituality.

"And I, I feel it after midnight / A feeling that you can't fight"
The pre-chorus establishes a sensual and mystical atmosphere, with Grande alluding to the transformative power of sexual connection.

"My one, it lingers when we're done / You'll believe God is a woman"
The repetition of the chorus emphasizes the message of female empowerment and encourages listeners to embrace their own strength and independence.

"I don't wanna waste no time, yeah / You ain't got a one-track mind, yeah"
Grande is addressing a lover who is more interested in physical pleasure than emotional connection.

"Have it any way you like, yeah / And I can tell that you know I know how I want it"
The lyrics emphasize Grande's confidence and agency in the sexual relationship, with her taking charge and directing the action.

"Ain't nobody else can relate / Boy, I like that you ain't afraid"
The lines address the unique connection between the two lovers, with Grande appreciating the openness and fearlessness of her partner.

"Baby, lay me down and let's pray / I'm tellin' you the way I like it, how I want it"
The use of religious imagery suggests a spiritual and transformative aspect to the sexual relationship, with Grande advocating for open communication and mutual satisfaction.

"And I can be all the things you told me not to be"
The lyrics suggest a rebellion against societal expectations and norms, with Grande asserting her own power and agency as a woman.

"When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing"
The final line of the song emphasizes Grande's confidence and strength, with her defying anyone who tries to hold her back or bring her down.

Thanks to them who helped me to find out the exact meaning of every line and write down in the respective language.
[Note: "There is no god but Allah. Allah is neither a man nor a woman. Allah created everything. Allah has no children.]
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