Safe and temporary ways to color your hair

Are you planning to get your hair coloured for a long time but don’t know whether you’ll be able to handle the commitment of permanent colors? If yes, then temporary hair colors are ideal for you. These easy to do hair coloring options will give you the hair color you want from long and will also save you from the damage of bleaching and permanent hair dyes.

Hair chalk

A very quirky yet affordable option for all color fanatics is the hair chalk. All you need to do is apply the chalk on damp hair, section wise. You can also apply hair spray for more effectiveness. Hair chalks are available in a wide range of colors and can easily last up to 9-10 washes.

Hair color spray

The easiest to use and non-messy way to color your hair is by using hair color spray. Used just like your usual hair setting spray, this spray is also the same, just that it comes with some color in it. Just divide your hair into sections and spray the bottle from scalp to the tip in order to give coloured streaks in between. This too lasts around 5-6 washes.

Semi-permanent hair dye

If you want to see how a permanent hair color will look on your hair, then hair dye alternative is perfect for you. It will last less than a temporary hair dye but longer than a temporary dye. Semi-permanent dye saves you from the hassle of getting permanent coloring and will be an equally healthier option for your locks.

Vegetable dye

If you want to eliminate any kind of chemicals from your hair dye, then vegetable dye is for you. This lasts the longest and can last up to 15-20 washes. This dye will not only protect your hair from damage but will also keep them shiny for long.

Hair color wax

Used by both men and women, hair color wax is the next trending thing which helps you in hair coloring. Just rub some wax on your hands and apply it directly to your hair. You’ll get the type of hair color you want in no time. Hair color wax lasts for about 5-6 washes, if maintained properly.

Hair mascara

Usually used to cover the grays, hair mascara is an equally good option to add some color to your hair. Available in different colors, hair mascara is shaped like an eye mascara and is as easy to apply. All you need to do is apply it on different strands of your hair and it usually lasts for 4-5 shampoo washes. It is safe to use and does not require much maintenance.

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