About MRM

Md. Mizanur Rahaman Mizan, known as Mizanur R. Mizan on social media and abbreviated as MRM, is a dedicated freelance writer specializing in education. Graduating from Govt. Teachers' Training College, Dhaka, with Bachelor of Education (Honours) and Master of Education degrees, MRM's academic pursuits have revolved around educational research, particularly within teacher education.

As the founder and editor of "Bishleshon," a notable website focusing on educational matters, MRM enriches discussions and provides valuable insights into various educational topics. Through his blog, "Domain of Mizanur R. Mizan," and active presence on social media platforms under the name Mizanur R. Mizan, he engages with a diverse audience, fostering dialogue and sharing perspectives on education and related issues.

MRM's contributions extend beyond digital platforms; he has also written for esteemed Bangla and English national dailies such as the Daily Ittefaq, The Janakantha, The Jugantor, The Daily Sun, The Daily Observer, and The Daily New Nation. With a passion for education and a commitment to meaningful discourse, MRM continues to inspire and inform individuals across various mediums and communities.

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