I realized how much Photographer Abdul Momin loves nature.

Mr. Abdul Momin, who has international fame with the caption ‘Beautiful Bangladesh’, posted a picture on Instagram. Many there admire this image. Of course, none of his pictures look bad. I am a fan of his drone photography.
Usually he does not mention the name of the place in any photo on Instagram. For this reason, if I need to know the name of a place in a picture, I personally ask him.
He did not mention the name of the place even after posting this picture. Someone commented, it is useful to mention the name of the place with the picture. Mr. Abdul Momin replied to the man’s remarks by saying, “There is no benefit, but the place will be damaged, with plastic bottles, polythene, packets of chips, condoms …”.
I understood why he did not mention the name of the place in the captions of the pictures uploaded on social media. I realized how much he loves nature.

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