How to remove viruses and other malware from Android device

Smartphones are our constant companion. Spend most of the day staring at the phone screen. After entering an app or browsing somewhere, various ads keep coming. When he clicked, he brought danger to the house. These ads or links contain viruses and malware. Let’s find out how to get rid of this harmful virus.

  1. First download the Kaspersky Security & VPN application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Now open the application and read its policies and conditions. Select ‘Agree’ and proceed.
  3. Provide the necessary permissions (App Permissions) for the app to work.
  4. On the next screen you will find the option to subscribe. In this case, it is possible to avoid the subscription by selecting the cross icon on the left.
  5. Now the ‘ready to scan’ message appears on the screen, click the scan button.
  6. Once the scan is complete, the report will show every information regarding the presence or absence of viruses and malware on the smartphone. If the device is infected with a virus, the virus can be removed by following the instructions below.
  7. In most cases the app will suggest ‘uninstall’ if there is a virus in the device. In that case, just click on the ‘ok’ button to remove the virus from the smartphone. Also follow the app’s instructions to resolve other malicious issues raised in the report.
  8. Finally reboot the device and start using again.
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