How ‘Nasek Nasek’ Song Was Created in Coke Studio Bangla?

”Nasek Nasek’ is not merely a little-known Hajong language sound; On the contrary, it is the Coke Studio Bangla’s inaugural music that has been built as a jingle. The lyricist of this song is Animesh Roy, a very talented musician from the Hajong community of Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Animesh Roy is studying music at Kazi Nazrul Islam University in Mymensingh’s Trishal.

The two artists Animesh Roy and Panth Kanai joined in the conversation with Prothom Alo about the backstory of this ‘Nasek Nasek’ song and many other aspects. Another musician Khayyam Sanu Sandhi was the host of the event. The lyricist Kabir Bakul also took part in the discussion to give his reaction.

Animesh Roy first mesmerized the tune of the first two stanzas of the song ‘Nasek Nasek’ . Answering the host’s question, Animesh said that it is his unquenchable desire to deliver the original and genuine Hajong language songs without an organized alphabet to everyone. Shayan Chowdhury Arnab first became interested in Animesh’s song after it went viral on social media and video sites. Later, when Animesh sang the Hajong language song to him, he expressed great excitement. Adit Rahman’s music and instrumental management has created a new history by combining the time-honored song ‘Dol Dol Duluni’ written and composed by Abdul Latif with the voice of Panth Kanai.

Popular musician Panth Kanai was also keen to come to Coke Studios in the country for some time to be a part of the event.

Animesh Roy and Pantha Kanai
Animesh Roy and Pantha Kanai

He said that before he got acquainted with Animesh, he was already fascinated by his various folk songs played on social media in the style of Dotara. 

At this stage of the chat, lyricist Kabir Bakul, in response to a question from the moderator, said that he, like everyone else, was eagerly waiting for the first performance of Coke Studio. Nasek Nasek, the first song of this hajong language song, which is very little known in the open throat of Animesh, and his unique style of performance has won the amazement and fascination of everyone from the very beginning.

And with the festive ‘Nasek Nasek’ of Animesh, the story of breaking the standard of the village bride in the song ‘Dol Dol Duluni’ sung by Panth Kanai, a strange and beautiful melody has been created in Coke Studio Bangla.

The village headmen or foremen described in this ‘Nasek Nasek’ song used to arrange food and dance songs during the harvest. Even the funniest boys and girls used to get together in the mud.

Animesh heard the story of that festive atmosphere from the elders of the family. And in addition to the usual dance-singing intoxication of Panth Kanai, Animesh also brought that festive atmosphere in various dance poses in this performance. At this stage, even in a short time, the mutual understanding, sincerity and affection of these two artists also came up. Lastly, at the request of Kabir Bakul, Animesh sang the second stanza of the song ‘Nasek Nasek’ again in the company of Eucalyptus with the participation of everyone present.

Translated from Prothom Alo.


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