How Can You Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer?

How Can You Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer?

How Can You Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer?
How Can You Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer?

Nowadays, smartphones have become an important part of daily life. The need for smart phones has increased significantly in almost all sectors of life. Due to long-term use, the charge of the smartphone is rapidly depleted. Usually after two years of using a new smartphone, the battery capacity of the phone starts to decrease.

Here are some tips on how to hold the charge longer in a smartphone battery. So, go through the points written below—

Turn on Dark Mode 

The best way to save on phone charges is to turn on Dark Mode. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and other apps that have dark mode options, keep them dark. This will save the battery of the phone.

Turn on Power Saving Mode

Keep the power saving mode on when using the smartphone, this will stop unnecessary apps and functions and keep the necessary apps and functions running.

Keep the Brightness Low 

Many smartphone users love to keep their ‘automatic screen brightness setting’ turned. This is a smart feature and I love it too, but this can kill the power of the phone quickly. It is better to reduce the brightness to save the charge of the phone. This will save phone charges.

Do Not Charge Repeatedly

We often repeatedly charge the phone for extra awareness. This is the opposite of hit. Charge the phone at a certain time. If you always charge the phone battery is depleted.

Remove Third Party Apps 

Charge can be decreased rapidly due to various third party apps installed on the phone. You have to download third party apps on the phone for various logical reasons. But the apps cost the battery charge of your phone more. So it is better to download third party apps as little as possible.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps 

Many users have unnecessary apps on their smartphones and the apps are also left unused in most of the cases. If you uninstall the unnecessary apps, your phone’s battery life will be longer.

Close Background Apps

After turning on the smartphone, many apps are running in the background without the user’s knowledge that results in charge loss. So, keep apps running in the background off.

Do Not Keep the Plug-on after Full Charge

Phone users often keep their smartphones plugged on even after they are fully charged. Experts believe that this is one of the reasons for the reduction of phone charges. So, you should unplug the charger after completing 100% charge.

Turn on flight mode

Many users feel comfortable in flight mode to save on phone charges. This reduces the cost of the battery.

Live wallpaper off

The live wallpaper function continues to incur a charge. So refrain from using live animation wallpapers to save phone charges.

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