How Net Run Rate (NRR) Works in Cricket Tournament and How It is Calculated

Net Run Rate (NRR) in cricket tournaments: How it's calculated, its significance, and strategies to boost it for teams.

Six Players Primed to Shine at the 2023 Asia Cup

Jonathan Healy's analysis of Asia Cup 2023 players to watch: six standout cricketers predicted to shine.

Tennis: Emma Raducanu’s Absence from US Open 2023

Emma Raducanu's absence from the 2023 US Open, attributed to wrist and ankle surgeries, creates a void in the tournament.
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Ben Stokes Returns to England ODI Squad: A Boost of Leadership and Skill

Both Matthew Mott, the white-ball coach, and Jos Buttler, the captain, shared a consistent desire to bring Stokes back into the ODI format.

Will Virat Kohli Bat at No. 4 for India in Asia Cup and World Cup 2023?

Exploring India's batting puzzle at number 4 in cricket, ahead of Asia Cup and World Cup 2023. Virat Kohli's role, contenders, and challenges discussed.

Asia Cup 2023: Bangladesh’s Future-Focused Squad Led by Shakib Al Hasan; Introducing Tanzid and Shamim

As anticipation builds for the upcoming Asia Cup tournament, Bangladesh has unveiled a meticulously crafted 17-member squad that embodies a strategic blend...

Shakib Al Hasan’s Return as Bangladesh ODI Cricket Team Captain

In a recent development that has captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts worldwide, Shakib Al Hasan, the renowned Bangladeshi all-rounder, has been...

How to Become a Successful Cricket Analyst: 10 Steps

Discover 10 vital steps to excel as a cricket analyst. Master the game, stats, psychology, and tech for insightful analysis and success.

Malahide Cricket Club Ground or The Village: Historic Cricket Venue in Ireland

Discover the storied journey of The Village, also known as Malahide Cricket Club Ground, as it evolved from its founding in 1861...

How Sports Make Positive Changes and Improvements in Society

Sports have transcended beyond their role as mere recreational activities or competitive events. They hold the unique ability to impact society in...

Emma Raducanu’s Comeback on Court After Surgeries

Emma Raducanu's fairytale run to the 2021 US Open title was one of the most stunning in tennis history. The 18-year-old qualifier...

What is Yo-Yo Test in Cricket? Definition, Origin and Specialities of Yo-Yo Test and How It Works

Cricket is no longer just a gentleman's sport; it has evolved into a highly competitive and physically demanding game. As the intensity...

Definition of Tiebreaker in Tennis and Its Rules

In the exhilarating world of tennis, where matches can stretch for hours and the battle for supremacy is often fierce, tiebreakers stand...

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