Attempts have been made to convert a Muslim to Hinduism in India’s most secure prison

According to reports, Shabir Nabir, a Muslim prisoner in Tihar Jail, known as the safest and most secure prison in India, was forced to convert to Hinduism and subjected to inhumane torture.
As he did not accept Hinduism as per the words of the jail superintendent, the name of the Hindu deity ‘Om’ was written on the back of Shabbir Nabir by heating the iron shackles.

It would not be wrong to say, ‘Such fanatics have no right to be in the world’. I don’t know if India is looking for militant links behind me.
The question to the Hindu brothers was, “Do you think your people are right?” I know extremism exists in all religions, but many people in the Hindu community rejoiced in this incident as they did in the Christchurch tragedy.

And whatever you say, militants are created in this way. There is an issue of revenge in each of us.
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