Tower 22 Drone Attack: Who Are The Islamic Resistance That Attacked The US Base In Jordan

Who Are The Islamic Resistance That Attacked The US Base "Tower 22" In Jordan, What Is Their Relationship With Iran?

Tower 22: The US Base in Jordan
Tower 22: The US Base in Jordan

An Iraqi-based armed group known as the Islamic Resistance has claimed responsibility for a drone attack on a US military base called Tower 22 in Jordan. The attack resulted in the death of three soldiers and the injury of 34 others. US President Joe Biden has accused Iran-backed militants of orchestrating the attack, although Iran has denied involvement.

The Islamic Resistance cited the Israel-Hamas conflict as a motivation for the attack and expressed its goal of removing US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria. Despite assertions linking the group to Iran-backed militias, the exact nature of their relationship remains unclear. The Atlantic Council has highlighted the elusive identities of the group's members, enabling them to evade accountability for their actions.

Following the attack on the US base in Jordan, the Islamic Resistance claimed further drone strikes targeting US troops in Syria, with two bases near the Iraqi, Syrian, and Jordanian borders reportedly affected. However, there was no explicit confirmation regarding the casualties inflicted in these subsequent attacks.

Tower 22, the targeted US base in Jordan, holds strategic significance due to its location on the northeastern border, adjacent to Iraq and Syria. The base operates in conjunction with Al-Tanf cantonment, playing a role in combatting the Islamic State and monitoring Iran's military activities in eastern Syria. Its proximity to Al-Tanf positions it as a vital asset in suppressing Iran-backed militants in the region.

The US has heavily invested in surveillance systems in Jordan as part of its Border Security Program, aimed at preventing militant infiltration from Syria and Iraq since the onset of the Syrian civil war in 2011. Jordan, a key US ally in the Middle East, hosts numerous American trainers and conducts extensive military exercises with US forces.

Recent developments have seen Jordan requesting additional support from the US, including the Patriot anti-missile defense system and assistance in countering drone threats along the Syrian border, attributed to pro-Iranian armed groups operating in southern Syria. Estimates indicate approximately 2,500 US troops in Iraq and 900 in northeastern Syria, tasked with combating the remnants of the Islamic State.

Details regarding the number of US troops stationed at Tower 22, their weaponry, air defense capabilities, and the extent of damage inflicted by the attack remain undisclosed.

Who are the Islamic Resistance? 

The Islamic Resistance is an armed group based in Iraq. They have claimed responsibility for various attacks, including the recent drone strike on a US military base in Jordan. The group's specific composition, leadership, and affiliations are not fully disclosed, but there are indications of potential ties to Iran-backed elements. Their primary objectives seem to include opposing US presence in Iraq and Syria, as well as responding to regional conflicts such as the Israel-Hamas conflict. However, due to the clandestine nature of the group, many details about its members and operations remain uncertain.

What is Tower 22?

Tower 22 is a US military base located strategically in Jordan. Situated on the northeastern border of Jordan, Tower 22 shares proximity with Iraq on one side and Syria on the other. The base is closely linked with Al-Tanf cantonment, which houses a small contingent of US troops. Tower 22, along with Al-Tanf, plays a significant role in various operations, including efforts to combat the Islamic State (IS) and to monitor and counter Iran's military activities in eastern Syria. Additionally, the base is positioned to aid in suppressing Iran-backed militants in the region. However, specific details regarding the size of the contingent stationed at Tower 22, their weaponry, and the extent of damage caused by recent attacks remain undisclosed.

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