100 Most Frequent Idioms with Meanings

Idioms are colorful expressions that add depth and flair to our language. They are phrases that have a figurative meaning different from their literal interpretation. In this list, we have compiled the 100 most frequently used idioms, along with their meanings, to help you enhance your understanding and usage of these popular expressions. So, let’s dive into the world of idioms and discover their fascinating meanings!

1A piece of cakeSomething that is very easy
2Break a legGood luck!
3Cat got your tongueUnable to speak or at a loss for words
4Dead as a doornailCompletely and unmistakably dead
5Early bird catches the wormThe person who takes action first has an advantage
6Face the musicAccept the consequences of one’s actions
7Get cold feetBecome nervous or afraid to do something
8Hit the nail on the headDo or say something exactly right
9In hot waterIn trouble or facing difficulties
10Jump the gunStart doing something too early or prematurely
11Keep an eye onWatch or monitor closely
12Let the cat out of the bagReveal a secret
13Make a long story shortSummarize or get to the point quickly
14No pain, no gainYou have to work hard to achieve something worthwhile
15On the same pageIn agreement or understanding
16Put all your eggs in one basketRely on a single course of action
17Rain on someone’s paradeSpoil someone’s plans or happiness
18Save faceAvoid embarrassment or maintain dignity
19Take a rain checkPostpone a plan or invitation for a later time
20Up in the airUncertain or undecided
21Vanish into thin airDisappear suddenly or mysteriously
22Wild goose chaseFruitless pursuit or a hopeless quest
23Your guess is as good as mineI don’t know either
24Zip your lipBe quiet or keep silent
25All earsEagerly listening or ready to listen attentively
26Blow off steamRelease anger or frustration
27Cross your fingersHope for good luck or success
28Down to earthPractical, sensible, and realistic
29Every cloud has a silver liningSomething positive can be found in any situation
30Fish out of waterFeel uncomfortable or out of place in a particular situation
31Give someone the benefit of the doubtTrust or believe someone, even if uncertain
32Hit the sackGo to bed
33In the heat of the momentActing impulsively without thinking
34Keep your chin upRemain cheerful and optimistic in a difficult situation
35Let sleeping dogs lieAvoid interfering with a situation that could cause trouble
36Miss the boatMiss an opportunity
37Not a big dealSomething unimportant or not significant
38Off the top of my headWithout thinking deeply or without preparation
39Penny for your thoughtsWhat are you thinking about?
40Quiet as a mouseVery quiet or silent
41Rub salt in the woundMake someone’s suffering or disappointment worse
42Smell a ratSuspect that something is wrong or suspicious
43Take it with a grain of saltDon’t completely believe something
44Under the weatherFeeling sick or unwell
45Walk on eggshellsBe cautious and delicate in dealing with a sensitive situation
46You can’t judge a book by its coverDon’t judge someone or something by appearance
47A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushIt’s better to have something certain than something better but uncertain
48Put your money where your mouth isTake action to support or prove what you have said
49Beat around the bushAvoid addressing a topic directly
50Catch someone red-handedCatch someone in the act of doing something wrong
51Don’t cry over spilled milkDon’t worry about something that has already happened
52Every dog has its dayEveryone will have their moment of success
53Fit as a fiddleIn excellent physical health
54Go the extra mileMake additional effort or do more than expected
55High as a kiteIntoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
56In the same boatIn the same situation or predicament as others
57Jack of all trades, master of noneA person who is competent at many things but exceptional in none
58Keep your fingers crossedHope for good luck or success
59Let the chips fall where they mayLet events unfold naturally without interference
60Monkey see, monkey doImitate the actions or behaviors of others
61Not my cup of teaSomething that doesn’t interest or appeal to you
62On thin iceIn a risky or uncertain situation
63Put a sock in itBe quiet or stop talking
64Rule of thumbGeneral guideline or rule based on experience
65Shoot yourself in the footDo or say something that harms your own interests
66Taste of your own medicineExperience something that you have inflicted on others
67Upside downIn a state of confusion or disorder
68When pigs flySomething that is highly unlikely or impossible
69You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yoursMutual assistance or favor exchange
70All in the same boatEveryone is facing the same challenges or circumstances
71Better late than neverIt’s better to do something late than not at all
72Curiosity killed the catBeing too curious can lead to trouble or unpleasant consequences
73Drive someone up the wallAnnoy or irritate someone greatly
74Eyes are bigger than the stomachTake more food than one can eat
75Fall on deaf earsNot be listened to or ignored
76Give it a shotTry something
77Have a chip on your shoulderBe easily offended or hold a grudge
78Ignorance is blissNot knowing something can be more pleasant or advantageous
79Jump to conclusionsMake hasty judgments or assumptions without sufficient evidence
80Keep your options openMaintain flexibility in making decisions or choices
81Let bygones be bygonesForget past conflicts and forgive each other
82Make ends meetEarn enough money to cover basic expenses
83Out of the blueUnexpectedly or without warning
84Play devil’s advocateArgue against the prevailing opinion to stimulate discussion
85Put your foot in your mouthSay something embarrassing or inappropriate
86Saved by the bellRescued from a difficult situation at the last moment
87The ball is in your courtIt’s your turn to take action or make a decision
88Under one’s beltSomething that one has achieved or experienced
89Wear your heart on your sleeveShow your emotions openly or vulnerably
90You can’t have your cake and eat it tooYou can’t have or do everything you want
91A penny saved is a penny earnedSaving money is as valuable as earning it
92Actions speak louder than wordsWhat someone does is more important than what they say
93Back to the drawing boardStart over after a failed attempt or plan
94Cut to the chaseGet to the main point or important details
95Don’t put all your eggs in one basketDon’t rely on a single option or strategy
96Behind every dark cloud is a bright skySomething positive can be found in any situation / Even in challenging times, there is hope or a positive outcome waiting
97Fit like a glovePerfectly suited or matched
98Good things come to those who waitBe patient for positive outcomes
99Hit the ground runningStart a task or project quickly and energetically
100In the blink of an eyeVery quickly or in an instant
Idioms are an integral part of language, adding color and depth to our conversations.
Idioms are an integral part of language, adding color and depth to our conversations.

Idioms are an integral part of language, adding color and depth to our conversations. This list of the 100 most frequent idioms with their meanings serves as a valuable resource to enhance your understanding and usage of these popular expressions. By familiarizing yourself with these idioms, you’ll be better equipped to communicate effectively and convey nuanced meanings in your conversations.

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