Aparajeyo Bangla Sculpture at University of Dhaka

Aparajeyo Bangla Sculpture (অপরাজেয় বাংলা ভাস্কর্য)

SculptorSyed Abdullah Khalid
LocationIn front of the Arts Building, University of Dhaka

The Aparajeyo Bangla is such a commemorative sculpture which reminds people to uphold the spirit of the Liberation War in 1971. It is one of the most well known sculptures in Bangladesh. The liberation war dedicated sculpture Aparajeyo Bangla is installed in the campus of University of Dhaka just in front of the Faculty of Arts Building. The phrase Aparajeyo Bangla means ‘Unvanquished Bengal’. Syed Abdullah Khalid is the sculptor of the Aparajeyo Bangla.

The sculpture work was started at the end of 1973 and officially unveiled in 1979. Saleh Chowdhury, a news reporter of the Dainik Bangla, came to visit the sculpture and wrote an article about it; in that article Mr. Saleh Choudhury named it as Aparajeyo Bangla and that has been established as permanent name later on by the university authority.

Aparajeyo Bangla Sculpture at Dhaka University | Photo: Ranadipam Basu
Aparajeyo Bangla Sculpture at Dhaka University | Photo: Ranadipam Basu

It is worth mentioning the Aparajeyo Bangla represents the first ever and the largest university of Bangladesh— University of Dhaka.

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