Review: 'Flowers' by Lauren Spencer-Smith— one of the best heart-broken songs I have ever listened to

I have been listening to a song titled ‘Flowers’ since the beginning of the month of June, 2022; the song was released on April 14, 2022. A Canadian singer named Lauren Spencer-Smith beautifully sung this song— Flowers. In the era of auto-tune, maybe the world has got another singer who loves to reach the audience without the auto-tune and this made me a fan of Lauren.

The ‘Flowers’ is a narrative song and it has been attracting the audience with a number of common elements which express a broken heart of a girl.

Lauren Spencer-Smith, a young and talented Canadian pop singer

In the song, Lauren played the role of a broken girl who successfully recovered herself and lambasted her ex-boyfriend. The girl was put under the impression that her boyfriend was serious in their relationship, even though he was not; the impression given by the ex-boyfriend was fake actually. Here we have been told of the identity of an ex-boyfriend who acted deceptively and falsely instead of maintaining a relationship with his lover with honesty and courage.

Actually, Lauren Spencer-Smith tries to prove a type of guy who disregards a girl to the point that he proceeds ignoring and cheating her instead of manning up and keeping it real; the girl really loved him.

The Song ‘Flowers’ made me a fan of Lauren Spencer-Smith’s singing.
The Song ‘Flowers’ made me a fan of Lauren Spencer-Smith’s singing.

We can realise in the second portion of the song that the ex-boyfriend tried to be back to the arms of the girl, but she refused him with courage saying—

…The version of you in my head, now I know wasn’t true

Young people fall for the wrong people, guess my one was you…

…I guess that flowers aren’t just used for big apologies

I guess I should’ve been more conscious how you spoke to me…


Lauren is just an 18 years old girl. Yes, the lyrics of ‘Flowers’ are surprisingly deep for an 18-year-old pop singer, but she beautifully takes the control of the proper heart-broken song.

I have really connected with ‘Flowers’ by Lauren Spencer-Smith, and maybe I have managed to grasp the overall message except for the line “When we’d fight you’d give me space and not communicate.” This verse has been puzzling me, and despite listening to the song countless times, I’m still unsure of its meaning. Could you please help me understand it better?

Lauren Spencer-Smith

Lyrics of the ‘Flowers’ is jointly written by Lauren Spencer-Smith and Cian Ducrot; and it is unknown who has/have designed the music for the fantastic song.

The video is embedded from Lauren Spencer-Smith's YouTube channel.

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