Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine and What Will Be the Effect of the Russia-Ukraine war?

Why did Russia Invade Ukraine and What Will Be the Effect of the Russia-Ukraine war?

Why did Russia Invade Ukraine and What Will Be the Effect of the Russia-Ukraine war?
Why did Russia Invade Ukraine and What Will Be the Effect of the Russia-Ukraine war?

What Is The Reason Behind The Russo-Ukrainian War?

While most people in the world try to avoid war, some people are prone to war. Psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists have been researching for centuries why this happens, why some people always love to dance on the surface of human blood.

There are some psychological reasons why people get involved in war. According to evolutionary psychologists, there are certain genes in human DNA that are responsible for humans prone to war. People get involved in wars because of their own strength, self-satisfaction or ego satisfaction etc. 

Also one of the many reasons is when people feel extremely insecure they jump on the other to protect themselves. Experts say that Russia jumps into war to protect themselves.

You know that Ukraine is in the process of becoming a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Russia has accused the Westerns of encircling Russia through NATO. The United States and the European Union, however, did not want to expand NATO’s reach in Eastern Europe. And since then Russia has begun to feel insecure. 

As a result, a special operation was launched in Ukraine on Vlafomir Putin’s order. And now Kyiv’s fall is just a matter of time. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.

The Russian army is patrolling around Kyiv. International human rights organizations have not been able to provide accurate figures on the exact number of casualties.  Although not sending troops, United States allies are sending weapons to Ukraine.

Russia wants NATO to ensure that Ukraine never becomes a member of NATO. As a result, if Ukraine is not a member of NATO, then there is no threat to Russia. Much is conceivable. The United States (US) has said it is not sending troops to Ukraine. Although not sending troops, US allies are sending weapons to Ukraine. Russia wants NATO to ensure that Ukraine never becomes a member of NATO. As a result, if Ukraine is not a member of NATO, then there is no threat to Russia.

The United States, the European Union, Australia, and Japan have already imposed sanctions on various Russian organizations and individuals. But in the first few days, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, expressed extreme frustration at being denied military assistance.

Later, however, the rest, including the European Union, came forward to help. What Russia is doing is a lot like “to teach the guilty a lesson by railing at the innocent.” Because, through this, Russia wants to show its power to the whole world, especially to the western countries. There Were a lot of successful Russia. Because, after the recent war in Afghanistan, it is natural that the United States will not suddenly get involved in any war. The US is in a financial and image crisis due to wars in different parts of the world including Afghanistan. The Biden administration does not want to escalate the crisis by engaging in a new war. There is also the effect of coronavirus. Through this war, Russia wants to consolidate its position in the world. 

How much impact will the Russia-Ukraine war have? 

Many countries in the Middle East and Africa have been at war for years, but the world has not felt the heat as much as the recent wars between Russia and Ukraine. One of the reasons for this is that a country like Russia is embroiled in a war that has dragged on the world economy. Economists say the impact could slow world growth by 0.9 percent. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. 

Not only the economy but also the lives of the people are under threat. International human rights groups have not been able to say exactly how many people were killed in the attack that Russia launched on Thursday morning. 

Fuel oil is one of the reasons why the effects of the Ukraine-Russia war are being felt around the world. 

Russia is the world’s second largest exporter of fuel oil. As a result, oil prices have risen to 110 a barrel in the last seven years. The low-income countries are in danger of losing more than the rich countries. Rising fuel prices have had an impact on the overall transport sector. As a result, prices of food and other necessities are skyrocketing. In addition, the stock market has fallen in most of the countries of the world. Bangladesh is no exception.

But the question is, is the West as vocal in the Ukraine war as it is in the Middle East? Muslims from generation to generation, they are in the role of spectators even though they are beaten there. Especially on the Israel-Palestine issue. Which reminds them of dualism. 

Impact of Ukraine war on Bangladesh

The main strength of Bangladesh is the ready-made garment industry. Ukraine and Russia are the big markets of Bangladesh. As a result of the war, the purchasing power of the people of those countries will decrease. As a result, garment exports may also decline. In addition, adequate transportation services are not available for proper export of existing contracts. Meanwhile, the cost of transporting ships has increased due to the war. In addition, the people of our country already have the sword of high prices. The rise in fuel prices is having an impact on our domestic transportation. At the end of the day, our daily expenses are increasing.

Let’s see what is the effect on imports!

Bangladesh imports fuel oil, edible oil and gas from Russia. Also, both Ukraine and Russia are major suppliers of corn and sunflower oil. As a result of their war, Bangladesh has to find different sources for these products. Traders are worried that the cost will increase. So that it will affect the overall growth of our country. It is also expected that the world may face various problems. The sanctions imposed on Russia by the major economies did not take into account the concerns of lower-income countries.

Apart from the economic crisis, Bangladesh is also going through a diplomatic crisis. Russia wants Bangladesh by their side by reminding them of the memories of the liberation war. On the other hand, the United States and their allies want Bangladesh to condemn the Russian aggression and support Ukraine and thier allies. It is like a new crisis, like a starting of Third World War. Bangladesh has to take every step thoughtfully. Any decision has to be made considering the long-term consequences. Failure to make a strategic decision may end the war, but it will have a diplomatic effect on Bangladesh in the long run.

The United Nations says the number of refugees in the war could rise to more than 5 million if prolonged. Which is never desirable.

So the world must retreat from where the damage is inevitable. Ukraine and Russia must be restrained from this war through proper diplomatic negotiations. Not just Ukraine or Russia, but the whole world would be in a big crisis if this war is prolonged.

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