Information about IFIC Bank Aamar Account

IFIC Aamar Account

IFIC Aamar Account is a unique transactional account where you can avail both Deposit and Loan facilities. This is a first of its kind account in Bangladesh; which reduces your account operation cost with lots of attractive benefits.

Features IFIC Aamar Account

  • Interest bearing current account for all types of individual customer
  • Deposit and Loan (Overdraft) facility is available against a single account
  • Slab wise attractive interest rate – Earn more as your Saving’s grow
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.
  • Same Card can serve the purpose of Debit & Credit card.
  • Cash withdrawal from all Bank’s ATM throughout the country is free of charge.
  • Dual currency facility of debit card.
  • Same Cheque book can be used for withdrawal of Deposit and Overdraft amount.
  • Unlimited number of transactions can be conducted in account Overdraft facility is given to credit worthy individuals upon necessary credit assessment Features of Overdraft for “AAMAR Account”
  • Alternative to Credit Card facility
  • Low Interest Rate (Almost one third of conventional Credit Cards)
  • No hidden charges.

Mandatory Documents for IFIC Amar Account

  • Photo of Applicant – 2 copies.
  • Copy of National ID/Smart ID of the Applicant.
  • If NID /Smart ID is not available, introducer is mandatory and account can be opened by using applicant’s any of these documents (verified by original copy).
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Driving License
    • Employee ID
  • Letter of Introduction from the company (For Payroll Customers only)

Optional Documents for IFIC Amar Account

  • Copy of TIN (if available)
  • Proof of source of fund
  • Proof of business

Nominee for IFIC Amar Account

In case of nominee (not mandatory):

  • 1 copy of photo
  • Photocopy of any ID
  • Legal guardian’s Photo ID and Photograph (If nominee is minor)

For Joint Account

All mandatory documents, mentioned above, are required for each customer of the joint account

Additional Documents required for overdraft facility

  • Copy of TIN
  • Bank Statement (6 months for Salaried and Self-employed persons & 12 months for Businessman category).
  • Salary certificate/ Letter of Introduction is required for all salaried customer other than IFIC payroll
  • Copy of Trade License (Only for Businessman Category)

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