Will you buy Facebook's Smart Glasses?

Facebook is going to launch ‘smart glasses’ which will be the new digital assistant to people. It is really an entirely new way for people to stay connected to the modern world. If people wear these glasses, they don’t need to touch their phones or devices to operate when necessary.

Facebook’s smart glasses can make calls, listen to podcasts. If the user of the glasses wants to take photos or videos, they will be able to do these by the pair of glasses. But the Guardian report say that there is no augmented reality layered on top of the real world. It is reported that building true augmented reality is the ultimate goal of Facebook’s Reality Labs division.

What do you think about the thickness of the frame of the glasses? The Guardian says that the frames are just a few millimetres thicker than a standard pair of Wayfarers, and each wing of the glasses hides a camera, which combines to shoot still images and video of up to 30 seconds with a long or short tap of the device’s only button.

Although Facebook is going to launch the ‘smart glasses’, the glasses don’t actually originate from Facebook at all. Instead, the company is working with Ray-Ban, on whose classic Wayfarer designs the hardware has been modelled, and the device will be branded as a Ray-Ban product first and foremost. 

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